Gentle and comprehensive dentistry



As a deep sea diving, mountain-biking, safari-trekking, perfectionist dentist, I live a not-so-simple life. But I work by a very simple philosophy: It takes a healthy mouth to bite into life.

And it is this philosophy that has always driven me. To make sure my patients’ oral health allows them to bite happily into their life, however they choose to live it. And to provide them with technological innovation and gentle patient care.

So should I treat you for a repair, restoration, cosmetic or hygienic procedure, my staff and I will always work to keep your teeth at their healthiest and most beautiful, for all your life’s opportunities to come.



I’ve been seeing Doctor Center for many years. He’s always been proactive in his approach, helping me keep my teeth and gums in excellent health. Even though I now live in Texas, I make it a point to travel to Chicago so I can see him 2 or 3 times a year.
Great experience. They were particularly great with my 5 year old. Answered all her questions, explained everything they were doing. Very patient and helpful. Both David Center and Ivy are professional in all they do. While that’s great, what’s just as important is their friendly caring attitude.