Gentle and comprehensive dentistry


Periodically patients will ask if our practice is accepting new patients. The answer is, of course. 

We will always welcome referrals whether they're friends, relatives or even co-workers.  They are the ultimate compliment. Referrals show us that because you trust us with your dental health needs, you can feel confident telling others, and that we’ll provide the same excellent care and attention to anyone you would refer to our practice. 

To show you our appreciation, we would like to reward you for showing yours.  At the end of six months, the patient who has referred the most new patients to our practice will receive a free laser whitening treatment. Or, the winning patient can extend this offer to a person of his or her choice.

So, the next time someone asks if “you like your dentist?” just smile, and say, “Sure, here’s his number.”

We believe they will thank you, and of course, we will too.