Gentle and comprehensive dentistry


I should tell you that I came into Dr. Center’s office reluctantly, at last giving in to have a crown replaced.

So, like a lot of us, I’m not usually first in line when it comes to visiting my dentist.

Partly it was my schedule, and partly it was just wishful thinking that the crown would magically repair itself. After months of procrastinating, I went online to Dr. Center’s new (and pretty cool) website to schedule the appointment.

I was fully prepared for the usual mouthful of fingers, implements, suction tubing and whatnot, along with the dreadful whirring of the drill.

But everything took me by surprise.

First, his office. It’s really changed to reveal Dr. Center’s interesting, and adventurous personality: a framed cycling poster and autographed jersey, two photos from his safari in Africa, and an actual racing bicycle front fork complete with tire. I could almost hear the shouts of “Allez” from the Tour de France.

This is not what I remembered, but I liked it.

Next, the chair. Here again I was pleasantly surprised by what was about to happen. Dr. Center explained to me that with his new Sonos music system I could listen to any music from my smart phone during the procedure. In fact, he could quickly compile a procedure-long playlist for me to hear without interruption. It almost had me thinking I was sitting in Starbucks, instead of the dentist’s chair.

(Ok, a bit of an exaggeration, but hey, music of my choice . . . this is different).

So, as I reclined in his chair, Bob Dylan in my ears, and the anesthetic doing its thing, I realized that this was actually going to be pretty relaxing. No computer, phone calls, emails, or the nasty weather to interrupt.

In truth, I found an island of calm in a most unlikely place: the dentist’s chair.

This realization that a dental procedure could not only fix my teeth, but my mood, made me realize how closely both are connected. So I asked myself the obvious question: Why not make the time to take better care of my teeth and my “self”?

And the only reasonable answer I could come up with is I should and I will.

One of the things I most appreciate about Dr. Center is his mix of who he is and what he does, and how both complement the other. As his website says, “It takes a healthy mouth to bite into life.”

He lives that philosophy and I’ve come around to believe it too.

Thank you Dr. Center.