Gentle and comprehensive dentistry


Do you ever feel your teeth could use a cleaning, but don’t really want, or need, the whole enchilada?

Well, you’re not alone. So many of my patients have mentioned this to me, that I am introducing, what I call, The Brush Up.

It’s a quick, energizing, 20-minute teeth cleaning. The beauty of it is that while it’s less thorough and quicker than a full cleaning, The Brush Up will still leave your teeth feeling fresh and your smile bright.

It’s the perfect complement to those times in-between full cleanings, or when a special occasion, like a wedding, graduation, or important meeting, calls for some quick professional refreshing.

The Brush Up is just one of the ideas I plan to introduce this year to further help you stay healthy, smiling and taking satisfying bites out of life.

Come in for a Brush Up and we’ll have you in and out in about 20 minutes. To schedule yours, just click on, Contact Us, below.