Gentle and comprehensive dentistry


A few months ago, (actually 8) we started a brand new service. We call it, The Brush Up” because that’s exactly what it is. A quicker but a bit less thorough cleaning, when a full one isn’t really needed.

It all came about because many of you mentioned there were times when you felt your teeth could use a cleaning, but you didn’t want to pay for, or sit through, a full cleaning when only a “brush up” was necessary.

So that was the birth of the Brush Up.

It’s the perfect way to refresh in-between full cleanings, or when a special occasion -- like a wedding, graduation, or important meeting -- calls for some quick professional cleaning.

Come in for a Brush Up and we’ll have you in and out in about 20 minutes. To schedule yours, just click on, Contact Us, below.

The Brush Up is just one of the new services I am introducing this year to help you stay healthy, smiling and taking satisfying bites out of life.

Contact us to learn about our other new services, including 4 whitening options and appliances to stop snoring and sleep apnea.