Gentle and comprehensive dentistry

Are Apps Appropriate?

These days it seems there’s an App for everything. From connecting with others to reading the US Constitution, and now there are Apps for helping with your and your kid’s dental hygiene.

If you or you children are reluctant to visit me, (I don’t take it personally) then better preventive dental health can mean fewer (not none) visits. 

I’ve discovered these five apps below that empower kids, encourage teens and assist adults, by making it easier for people of all ages to feel good about maintaining their oral hygiene. I encourage you to check these, and others, out.

The T-Rex Toothbrush timer features some instructions and a recommendation to brush twice a day. Unfortunately no text description is included to back up the video content, so it’s assumed the user has experience with tooth brushing, or that it will be supervised by someone who is does.

Kid’s Dental Health is recommended for children ages four and up. The Kids’ Dental Health app shares colorful dental related games and an educational story that helps remind kids of the importance of good oral hygiene and proper nutrition. It is compatible with an iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

One of the most important practices to prevent cavities and gum disease is to floss regularly. Flossy, from SlyBits, reminds users to floss each day. With this APP, the most-resisted part of dental hygiene is made easier and interesting. By pressing the “I Flossed Today!” button each time they floss, they record their flossing history. Users can view how often they did or did not floss as well as the ability to set alarms for different times of the day to send alerts if they have missed a number of days. This app is also great for adult patients who should add more flossing to their daily regimen.

Tiny Dentist is a pretty cool, low-cost app is designed for kids from six to eight. The Tiny Dentist app allows users to play my part, the dental professional, and perform procedures like taking X-rays, drilling, whitening teeth, extractions and helping a wide array of patients with their oral care. It uses simple graphics and makes anyone who practices good dental care a hero. With it, kids can sit in the dentist’s chair and be the professional, making trips to the dentist more fun and less worrisome.

Align On Time is a free app that benefits Invisalign users and orthodontists. Changing aligners at the correct intervals is essential for optimal results and to minimize treatment costs. Dentists using Invisalign appreciate the app because it allows us to interact with our patients on a virtual level by setting a change date schedule for all of our Invisalign patients. For you, it sends alerts when it is time to change aligners and what number to change to based on the schedule implemented by their dental professional.  (David, Not sure you need this)

Not brushing your teeth long enough or too long? Toothbrush Timer 2 might be exactly what you need. Kids and adults will be entertained while enjoying various themed timers and sounds. Also includes a handy reminder when to replace your toothbrush.

Brush DJ makes brushing your teeth fun and effective . . . for adults, too. This award winning, free, NHS approved app, plays 2 minutes of music -- taken at random or from your playlist -- and has a visual display showing where to brush. Finally brushing comes with a beat.
Brush DJ works with any toothbrush and also allows you to set reminders to: 
•Change your toothbrush every 3 months 
•Brush twice a day 
•Floss/clean interdentally every day 
•Use a mouth rinse if appropriate 
•When you next need to visit the dentist 
•When you next need to visit the hygienist 


I’ll be the first to admit that brushing is a drag. But a necessary one. So if there’s anything that can help you to do it better, I’m in favor of it. Even if (maybe because of) it has cartoon characters!