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After you Trick or Treat, treat others to your Halloween candy.


Ok, who doesn’t love candy? As a dentist, I know I should discourage kids (and adults) from eating too much of it, but hey, it’s Halloween. So enjoy. (And then brush.)

But after you’ve had your fill, I encourage you to bring your kids’ extra candy to me, and I’ll donate it to those in need of something sweet. Like our troops.

I am starting the “Share the Sweetness” program, and looking to you to help share your Halloween treats with all those who didn’t have the opportunity to go out and Trick or Treat for themselves. Through the generosity of Operation Gratitude, your extra candy will be sent to our troops overseas. While this may be the first time we’re doing this, we intend for “Share the Sweetness” to be an annual Halloween event.

In addition to your candy, I will be donating toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss. For the after treat brush up!

As my way of saying thanks to all who donate their candy, I will give $1.00 for every pound. And to the person or family that donates the most candy, I will “Treat” them to free admission to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

Those who know me know I’m all about taking a big bite out of life. And for me, one of life’s adventures I love best is seeing fish. That’s why I’m a diver. And that’s why I want to reward your Halloween generosity by sharing my love of fish with you.

So, prepare your Halloween costumes and your trick or treat bag. Because this year it’s scary how much sweetness candy can really bring!

Thank you all,           

Dr. Center


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